Friday, January 20, 2012

applique homework

I've joined a fun quilting group here focused on making a quilt to benefit the American School in Japan, where my teens are attending this year.  The project is spearheaded by several talented ladies who really know their way around quilt design and construction.  I am one of many worker bees, and I'm having a good time chatting with the ladies while dusting off my old hand-applique skills... trying to do more good than harm in the process!

This quilt will be completed entirely by hand..  My homework for the week is coming along nicely...

Any wild guesses as to the theme of this quilt?  I won't show the bird's eye view yet because I'm not sure whether the quilt is meant to stay a surprise until its unveiling at the auction.  Check out Tokyo Jinja's history of the ASIJ gala quilt for a look at past quilts - all amazing.