Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tokyo Quilt Festival 2012 - Vendors

So to back up, before we even looked at the quilts, we took a swing through the venders.  My oh my, it was crowded.  Exciting, though.

Lots of bags, and kits for making bags.  Lots of taupy neutrals.

 Hard to even get a glimpse of what's going on... but Julie succeeded... sometimes it pays to be tall in Tokyo:


Mmmm... scrumptious Liberty... but too pricey for me...

 I loved these baskets but they were prohibitively expensive!

On our way home in the afternoon I turned back and snapped this photo.  Ya, it was this crowded through the vender area!!

Home to look at the goodies I bought:

I love the texture on these - can't wait to use them in my next "quilt that I can't stop making":).