Monday, February 6, 2012

30's Repro 4-patch

This quilt is a companion to the butterfly quilt I recently finished.  This one is reminiscent of a 4-patch my great-grandmother "Two" made.  I'm not sure I love all the brown I included (in an attempt to make it a little less girly) but I think this is a quilt that will look softer and better with lots of use and washings.  

My original idea, years ago, was to make these two quilts to go in our "green room" back home (it's like a little parlor, and with a trundle bed it also serves as a guest room - the previous owner painted it a 30's apple/minty green, and we kept the color).  

However, as it turns out, the quilts will live in Miss K's room here in Tokyo - what a curve ball life has thrown us! 

chain piecing - and aren't those doggies adorable?  

I decided to piece the backing a little.  

pressing the top.... so tedious... but almost there!  

Pin basted and ready to roll.  The red print in the foreground is left over fabric from an apron my Grandma Mary Lou made me years ago. 

 Utilitarian machine quilting for a utilitarian quilt.  Nylon monofilament thread in the needle, Presencia 60 weight cotton in the bobbin.  Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton (Request - thinnest loft).   

I do like the pieced backing... could have added another strip for balance... but... wanted to get it DONE
Sorry about the shadow from the table....