Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sashiko teacup sampler

I take a sashiko class once a month at a fabulous shop called Blue and White.  Owner Amy Katoh is so open and welcoming, and she has created quite a gem in our neighborhood-y corner of Tokyo.  She has written several beautiful books as well.

Here is my small sampler, created from a kit designed by our teacher, Yoshiura-sensei:

I just love attending this class - a few Japanese ladies, and me, clustered around a small table in the back of the shop.  The ladies chat and laugh as they work on their individual projects, and I mostly don't understand a thing, but I love the exposure to the Japanese language.  There is a lot of show-and-tell which I enjoy immensely.

Most of all I love working with indigo and these striking stitches!  Yoshiura-sensei has been very patient with this American beginner:).

I keep my little basket next to my couch so I have some ready handwork to do while watching TV.(Downton Abbey, anyone?)

I am linking up to Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday.  I really enjoy looking at the projects linked there!