Friday, March 16, 2012

Kimono Friendship loot

This morning the Kimono Friendship Quilt group met to exchange our paper-pieced kimono blocks (first blogged about here).  This hasn't been a group that's actually met together to quilt - it's been more like a co-op.  I think we've all looked forward to this day, when we could meet and socialize a bit, in some cases for the first time, and exchange our blocks!

I don't know the origin of this Friendship Quilt but I know it's been happening for years and years among the church ladies here in Tokyo.  One of my friends declined to join in this time since she's already participated three times over the course of a number of years!

Anyway... today:

First.... yummy pot-luck food - gyoza, rice, many colorful salads, homemade rolls - all delicious.

Second... we cleared the table and put our blocks in stacks in front of us in eager anticipation.

The only "rule" for this swap was to use an off-white or cream background, and I think there was an unspoken rule to use Japanese-style fabrics.

Barbara, our group leader, leaves Japan in two weeks.  We will miss her!

 Next... we circled around the table plucking one block from each stack, for a total of 12 including our own.

A little show-and-tell to give us ideas about how we might set our blocks:

Then... dessert... :)   

And finally... home to really take a good look at my kimono loot:).  

I'm not sure how I'm going to set these blocks, but I know I'm going to keep things very simple.  There's a lot going on already within each block.  Laying them out on the carpet like this makes me honestly think I might set them within a neutral taupy color - linen maybe even?  First I'll frame each block with a thin, solid border - black, teal?  I need to first consider how I will quilt it.  It may want to be hand quilted.

Sooo... for now... I'll enjoy really looking at each block as I tear the paper away.  Aren't they lovely?  Like colorful dolls:).