Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trimming the kimonos

Today was a sunny and beautiful first day of spring!  It was a regular school day for the kids but a vacation day for Japanese companies.  David went fly fishing, and I had a quiet morning recovering from a non-stop day yesterday - I got some housework - and quilting - done.

I decided to take a closer look at the kimono blocks.  As with any project involving more than one sewer, there was some variation in block size and shape to contend with.  First, I trimmed them just barely, to square them up.  
 The blocks varied up to 3/4 inch in width and length, but most were easily trimmed to about 10" wide by 11" long.  The smaller ones will benefit from a little extra room in the blue borders.  With the addition of 2 1/2 inch borders, I am leaving room for trimming some blocks more than others, to make them all the same size.  So far, so good!

David got home from fishing and I met him in the neighborhood for a pizza lunch.  There is a new-ish brick oven pizza place a short walk from our apartment, and we've become regulars there (locals - it's called Pizza Strada, in the Juban).  They make just a few simple pizzas, so fresh and wonderful.  Today being a holiday the neighborhood was really hopping with people, walking, on bikes, with children, pets, friends, couples - it felt so festive.  We took a little walk around and then headed home.  More sewing, trimming.  A nice beginning to spring, and even if I do miss my trees back home, there are aspects to this home away from home that I really love too:).  Time to quilt, a small apartment to tend, rather than a house... walking distance to fabulous food... these are things I truly appreciate!  Today was one of those days when you really could feel spring in the air!

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