Monday, April 9, 2012

Harriet's Treadle Arts

My Grandma and I made not one, but two trips to Harriet's Treadle Arts while I was in Denver.  Lots of machine quilting inspiration all around.
Drunkard's Path on the right. 

Love the indigo blues.

30's Repro heaven!

Lots of "mini" inspiration if that's your thing. 
Searching for pinks for Miss K. 

Browsing books is always fun, and Sunbonnet Sue is a favorite!

What a pretty way to display vintage and reproduction quilts. 

Grandma took machine quilting and machine applique classes from Harriet "back in the day" and then taught me.  A few years ago, thanks to Grandma, I attended a "boot camp" style Machine Quilting retreat with Harriet and learned a LOT.  This kind of quilting is practical and artful, with an emphasis on the quilting line, not the thread - the quilts never have that thready "scribbled over" effect.  Hurray for monofilament thread in the needle, cotton in the bobbin!

While in Denver I photographed Al's and my Grandma's quilts.  I am working on those blog posts... stay tuned!