Sunday, May 13, 2012

Miss K's quilt well underway

I am really in the final stretch with Miss K's high school graduation quilt.  In the fall she'll be off to NYC to pursue her dreams... I will miss her so.

Wouldn't you know, Miss K wanted the same quilt I made for her big sis... only in pinks and the kinds of reds that go with pink... and plenty of Japanese taupy neutrals (and polkadots for fun!) mixed in.  This quilt also has a touch of Liberty, some scraps from Millie's quilt, some Japanese chirimen fabric, antique kimono silk, lots of linen.  This particular one will really, really be "tattered" looking I think, which is what Miss K wants.  It's that same quilt I've already made several times and blogged about here - the one I can't seem to stop making!  I'm sort of tired of it at this point, but Miss K is thrilled with it, so... onward ho!

Getting there with the piecing.... about 2/3 of the way there.... 

Fussing cutting a border.... 

Random strips for the backing... and the project is really taking over the apartment...  

I know that starching the heck out of each strip will help when it comes to machine quilting... and one benefit to piecing a backing is that I can do this ironing in small bites as I go. 

What will we name this quilt?  "Strawberry"? (Ah, Japanese strawberries, a daily staple!)

Or...."Lipstick" ? 

I'll decide later.  Right now I've GOT to commit to piecing the backing, sandwiching, and basting before Miss N arrives from Boston Tuesday night!  At some point, I just can't take over the whole apartment with quilting.  

And... it's Mother's Day.  The shrub across from our apartment gets bloomier every day.  

Today I dearly miss my Mom.  She passed away way way too young, over ten years ago.  If you are with your Mom this Mother's Day, take a picture with her!  I wish I had more pictures of me with my Mom.  Tommy snapped this one yesterday morning of me with Miss K. 

Happy Mother's Day, happy quilting!