Tuesday, May 8, 2012

rain... tea boxes....

It rained a lot last week....

I hijacked the dining room table nearly the whole week with this project - covering two large tea boxes with washi paper.  The boxes are lined in tin - very sturdy and practical - beautifying them with washi paper is a favorite craft among expats here in Tokyo, and my friend was kind enough to take me shopping for washi paper and show me the ropes.
Very quilty design, wouldn't you agree?

I cut the strips for the lid rim just like I would fabric.

One large sheet of washi paper costs about 600 yen,  or about 8 dollars.

Mod-podge type goop and careful folding, overlaping...  to adhere the paper to the box... plenty of drying time... then several layers of shellac....

And now voila - two functional and pretty storage pieces.  They are tin inside - mildew and water proof.  Very practical.

This next one holds Christmas decorations (thereby freeing up some precious closet space) and replaces a generic end table in the living room.