Monday, August 6, 2012

Old friends: Quilt books

My view while sitting at my kitchen table. I just love the trees. 

Lily's Quilts
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Back here in Mass for the summer, it's been great seeing old FRIENDS again - people who have known me deep down for years... great having our DOG around... listening to the RADIO.... watching the OLYMPICS.... shopping for our favorite FOODS... great being surrounded by TREES again... and great having access to our BOOKS again.

This morning I retrieved my quilting books out of my (sweltering) attic sewing room... sat at the kitchen table and leafed through many of them.  Oldies but goodies.

A few of my faves, all highly recommended:

 2004.  Meticulous instruction from a great teacher. 

2002.  A beautiful book
1997 (1988) and 1993 respectively. My first quilting books - classics!

2004.  Gold standard for hand piecing.

1998. So inspiring... 
These next two were written from the perspective of the "modern" era in the 1920's and 30's looking back to traditional quilting roots.  Everything comes back around again, as we are seeing today.

1929 (!).  Reprint 1980.  I wonder whether my great-grandma Two had access to this book or the one below:

1935.  One of my favorites.  

1996.  From the fabulous Museum of American Folk Art in NYC
1999.  From the equally fabulous New England Quilt Museum.  I love learning about the Mill girls. 

2006.  Good history, good quilting.  

1993.  More wonderful quilt history. 
And from my own notebook of quilting ideas and inspiration... way before blogging and Pinterest....

One of my favorite memories is chaperoning a field trip to the MFA in Boston (this was before I became a teacher!) for a field trip Miss K took in fifth grade, years ago.

Maybe someday she'll want to quilt!  For now, I'm so happy that she, like her siblings, appreciates quilts.

Stay tuned - I have several Sashiko books and will blog about them in some detail soon.