Friday, September 14, 2012

Grandmother's Fan

Here's the last of the quilts I brought out at home in MA for photographs in the front yard:

Grandma Mary Lou found this quilt top in a semi-complete, sort of sad kind of shape, and she lovingly fixed it up and finished it.

She spent many hours fixing up the blocks.  Many of them needed to have fabric added or replaced in order to be properly squared up.  She spent many hours fixing up the blocks and then piecing the completed blocks together.

She gave the top to me several years ago and I tied it with just a backing, no batting, to create a sort of large lightweight summer coverlet.   It's become a sore subject because Grandma really feels that it deserves to be quilted.  I'm sure she's right! Any volunteers? ha ha... mmm... someday...

(Come on Mom, enough with the quilts!  Let's go to Kimball's for icecream)...

Back here in Japan, my thoughts turn to several ongoing projects, two of which are truly almost finished!  I am itching to clear the decks a bit in order to start on a couple of brand new projects.  

I always tell myself, don't you dare start yet another new quilt until xyz is complete!  But it seems I've always got a dream of a quilt going... which is half the fun, wouldn't you agree?