Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tommy's four patch

 Tommy's four patch, finished!   A bright clear morning, good for a quick photo-op downstairs outside our apartment.  The photos outside give a truer idea of the colors.

Tommy pieced a bunch of these blocks years ago... scrappy.... so fun to finish piecing, and I tried to make it truly BLUE as a whole... but with plenty of greens and reds to keep it interesting. 

I am so pleased with this quilt, with the exception of the big sashiko style stitching.  Next time if I use big stitching like that, I'm going to be more careful at the intersections... it looks sloppy to have intersecting lines...

But then again... "whatever".... it made for utilitarian quilting, for a utilitarian quilt... and was fun to work on in the evenings while watching TV.   I used variegated sashiko thread.

Back up to the apartment.... I was teasing Tommy really, with these last two photos... but he doesn't read my blog and his peers don't either, I'm sure:).

It fits his bed perfectly and I know he likes it, because it shows up with him on the couch a lot.  Success!

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