Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Millie quilt

Believe it or not, I'm making another Millie quilt, this time for my brother D (well, let's face it,  mostly for my sister in law J)....

At first I thought this would be a good color scheme.....

But quickly felt it really needed some pops of red....

Easy piecing (messy, thready):  
8" base squares in mediums and darks.  
Raw edge machine applique - first 5" squares, then 3 1/2" squares, then 1 3/4" black flannel squares.  

The blue ticking is old - it was my Mom's.... and the dragonflies are Japanese.  

Lots of texture - linen polkadots and vintage kimono silk: 

Rows are all pieced, pressed and numbered: 

And I'm getting there: 

J asked for a quilt like this a few years ago.  She is one of those rare non-quilters who really loves and "gets" quilts.  My brother is a fine carpenter and appreciates hand made items.  At that time I was just about to start teaching fourth grade full time, and there was just no way (do you ever get asked to make a quilt, and you think, you guys have no idea how much time and expense goes into making a quilt!)... but now I finally do have the breathing space to make her one and I'm glad to.  I'm less good at making quilts on demand.  

Here in Japan I work just two mornings a week, and do some volunteer work, but I really am enjoying lots of time for creativity!  It helps that we live in a very small apartment with none of the home-maintenance chores we deal with back home in Massachusetts!  As quilting goes, I am living by "make hay while the sun shines" because when we return to the U.S., it's back to real life... and surely less time for quilting!