Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kimono Friendship Quilt, finished!

Here they are, the lovely kimonoed ladies all corralled up and quilted: 

These paper-pieced blocks were made and exchanged by ladies from two of our local church congregations here in Tokyo.  I blogged about it herehere and again here.  A fun collaborative project - and what a good feeling to have another finish!

I machine quilted it very minimally - straight lines using walking foot - in the ditch along the sashing and within the blocks wherever it made sense, extending the lines across the length and width of the quilt.

I do think I might add some hand quilting... but then again... will I really?  Mmmm.... realistically, no, this quilt is "done."

I pieced the backing - I know it lacks something design-wise with that big piece especially (something appliqued there would be pretty cool) ... but I feel good about it because I truly used what I already had on hand - in mottainai ("waste nothing") style. 

I'm not sure how long we will be in Japan, but I know already that this little quilt will remind me of some special friendships and connections and of beautiful Japan. 

Here's another example from our group - just beautiful, don't you agree?  Luscious!
Lesa S's Kimono Friendship Quilt
And for more kimono friendship quilt examples, as well as lots of Japan-inspired creativity, click over to Tammy's Kimonos Everywhere! post at Hikari Handcrafts.