Monday, October 29, 2012


I babysat some adorable kiddos the other day... in a high rise apartment building... with an incredible view!

I felt like I was seeing a totally different Tokyo - totally different perspective. 

Three different commuting perspectives:

They represent the "Salarymen", "Office Ladies", and adorable uniformed school children I see each time I commute to work.

Even very young school children commute independently, usually in pairs or threesomes, but sometimes alone, with complete confidence and security.  Safety - it's all a matter of perspective.

Not a lot of quilting this week, but... I love using spare moments (even on the train, when it stops at stations and there's wifi for a moment - gotta love my iphone!) for checking out quilt blogs... and the different perspectives of quilters all around the world!

But there is no substitute for in-person visiting and it's always fun to introduce one good friend to another good friend.  Conversation, show and tell, tips, laughter, empathy, sharing of different perspectives.

That's Julie (of My Quilt Diary), on the right!  She is so wise and interesting.

And finally, from the perspective of my rock-solid apartment in Japan, Hurricane Sandy seems far far away and it is... but I am so mindful of my daughters - N in Boston (hunkered down in her dorm room), K in NYC (actually riding out the storm with family friends in Connecticut, thank goodness!)...

We've had many texts, emails and calls in the past two days making sure they are all set - cash, water, food, flashlights, "go" bag at the ready, cell phones and computers charged, etc.

Also... feeling grateful for good house sitters, who will take good care of our dear old place...

and hopefully the old place will be good to them in return, and they will not lose power or have any problems with this storm!