Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quilts for Japan

Beth from LoveLaughQuilt has organized a blog specifically for quilters to share quilts they are making to give away.  It's called Quilts are For Giving.  Check it out - there is some wonderful giving going on!  What a great idea, Beth!


A group of ladies - quilters and non-quilters - from my church here in Tokyo put together many, many of these simple tied quilts for a kindergarten in Tohoku, the region devastated last March 11 by the earthquake and tsunami.

I had minimal involvement myself but sometimes it's just satisfying to whip up a little project like this....

To add to a small but growing pile of hugs for these little ones who have experienced such trauma.  The pile grew to 100 - some women worked like gangbusters and made many!

I'm also excited about a quilting project a small group of us are launching - our aim is to involve ex-pat and Japanese ladies from church in providing quilts for the "graduates" of a couple of orphanages here in Tokyo.   That is next on my list and I will blog about it as our project unfolds...