Friday, November 9, 2012

International Quilt Week, Yokohama

Beautiful fall day today... and I took myself to the Yokohama Quilt show.

Photography was off limits in many areas, but I have to mention....  Jen Jones' collection of Welsh quilts knocked my socks off... lots of red and white, and just gorgeous hand quilting. She's an American (from Massachusetts!) who moved to Wales in 1971 and has collected and celebrated Welsh quilts ever since.  There was one from 1870, called " A Victorian Grandma's Garden" - red and white hexies I wish I could have photographed but you can catch a glimpse of it here:

And there was a great exhibit of portrait quilts by Alice Beasley:

And more by Marion Coleman:

Coleman's "Spirit of a Man" was my favorite, so striking in black and white, so graphic and emotional.  I wish there had been English text next to the quilts.

Photos were allowed in other parts of the show:

winning quilt by Chieko Shiraishi

another winning quilt by Junko Sano 
A favorite of mine from the "Machine Quilts" category:

quilt by Keiko Ono
Another favorite from the "Traditional Quilts" category:

quilt by Shoko Sakai
Gals in these fuchsia jackets were all over the place, and they were so friendly and helpful:

Of course many if not most of the quilts in the rest of the show were made by Japanese quilters, but there was a special section for "Japanese quilts" which I think meant "traditional" Japanese quilts, or quilts inspired specifically by Japan.

I loved this one and asked one of the staff for some info.  Her English was better than my Japanese (for sure!).  I could have stood there for a long time studying this quilt.  It appeared to be made by reverse applique, using vintage indigo and other traditional Japanese fabrics.
Yoko Otani.  Title of quilt may be "Momofuku" or "old kanji"

This character - very old style kanji - may reference the title of the quilt - notice the boro-style patchwork peeking through:

 The middle white character also refers to the title of the quilt:

And here's another quilt in the "Japanese quilts" category that grabbed my attention and held it:

Festival Lanterns (probable title) by Shizuko Yoshizawa
Again, a staff person helped me by interpreting the title of the quilt for me. It could be "festival" or "festival lanterns".  I recognized the word "o-matsuri" which means festival.

 Everything about this quilt was engaging - the fabrics, the placement of the lanterns, the patchy border, and the beautiful hand quilting.  This quilt takes "scrappy" and "fun" into the realm of the sophisticated...

And then..... into the crowds in the vendor area - hard to get even a look....

But did find a few treasures here:

Made my way home... (couldn't live here without my iphone and!)...

And unpacked my goodies.... I just can't resist the "taupe" style wovens!