Thursday, November 22, 2012

Seeing Sunshine

This week I started a new, sunny project...

 On a gray, rainy day...

I've been noticing this sunny yellow everywhere.... even on the kawai (cute) fleece lap blankets I see in my high school classes:

And how about the Mormon Helping Hands vests... that's Miss K on the left - she's spent the last two Sundays helping with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, with her church young adult group.  She's a hard worker with a heart of gold.

And more yellow this week as I've been helping a friend make her very first quilt... always a pleasure!

 Fabrics were purchased at Naniwaya at Takashimaya Times Square.

Tuesday was the big push to finish the top.  Sandwiching and quilting will happen soon.

I got a kick out of her sweet dog who took a keen interest when it was time to arrange the blocks:).  I miss my pets.

As JoAnn pieced the top, I sat and worked on a binding, hopping up now and again to offer help, and we chatted away.   I think she was shocked to realize how long it takes to actually make a quilt (not to mention the expense).  We've been at this for a long time, off and on since early last spring.  I always tell new quilters, if you don't enjoy the process, then forget it, just buy a pretty quilt!


And tonight..... the last pie is out of the oven.... I was inspired by Julie to make a pecan pie for David - his favorite.  My Mom would always make him a pecan pie.  She passed away 13 years ago yesterday and we still miss her dearly.  Her pecan pie was straight out of an old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, but she always doubled the pecans, two cups instead of one:

We are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow since today was a regular workday in Japan.  We are having several young adults who are far from home (missionaries) for dinner.  We will give thanks to God for our many many blessings - for the sunshine in our lives, which comes mainly in the form of good friends and family - and we will feast!