Saturday, December 22, 2012

And the stockings were hung...

Life has thrown one of its curve balls and it seems in the past month I've had about 30 seconds to think about quilting, but the other day I stopped into my favorite local antiques place, the tiny and artful Upton House Antiques in Littleton, MA: 

At this time of year there are these wonderful, simple handmade stockings made from old damaged blankets and quilts: 

It's wonderful to be home for Christmas, with David and all three of our chickies back in the nest.

  These stockings from Upton House, collected over several years, are among my favorite Christmas decorations.  I think this mantle in my dining room is a nice place for them:

Soup stock is simmering and company arrives later today.  We are still wishing for snow and may not get it, but the wood stove is burning and the house feels cozy.

Japan seems like a faraway dream but I'll be back there soon enough!

(Yes.... I did snatch up that red stocking!)