Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Japanese textiles @ Boro-Ichi flea market

With both daughters settled now in NYC... I'm back in Japan and it's a New Year for all of us.  I'm having a bit of a slow start in several ways including in terms of quilting (and certainly blogging) ... but living here, I find inspiration everywhere... and there's nothing like an outing with friends to the Boro-Ichi flea market for a kick start:

With its solemn parade of "Samurai"... 

And some vintage textiles:

Boro, sashiko:

Bundles of new and vintage silks, including chirimen fabric:

The sights, smells, and sounds of various vendors:

And, as last year, a few bargains on indigo dyed shibori:

A day like this leaves me feeling so satisfied to be living for a time in this fascinating country!  We have made the decision to return to the U.S. in June, which is giving me that "this might be the last time..." perspective on outings like this.  Bittersweet.