Monday, February 25, 2013

M's college quilt, and Hakone

I'm making a college quilt for my niece and sure enough she wants the same design that my daughters wanted.  Oh my goodness!  Here we go again!

Miss M sent me an email with some color choices and inspiration images:

8", 5", 3 1/2", and 1 3/4" squares - all raw-edge machine appliqued for an eventually frayed and tattered look.

I am drawing from my stash of Japanese scraps, some neutral linen and muslin, shot cottons, and lots of "modern" fabrics purchased at the City Quilter in NYC and Quilter's Way in MA.

 These colors aren't true but I'm so busy these days I have little chance for daytime photos.
This afternoon I finished piecing the first half.  Most apartments here in Japan are wallpapered with white textured vinyl... ours is no exception - so with a little washi tape, voila! Design wall.

If I were making this quilt for a wee toddler or preschooler, I would quilt and bind it as is - I like the proportions.  But for a college student it needs to double in size!  I have the rows all set to piece.

On Friday, David, Tommy and I took a daytrip to Hakone - by the end of the day, we had enjoyed various views of Mt. Fuji and had taken subway, bullet train, train, cable car, ropeway, ship (!), and taxi.  Lots and lots of walking too.  It was a sunny brisk day - just a great outing and if you are a local, I highly recommend it!

Open Air Museum:
Hey!  by Shin Yamamoto, 1992

Park in Rome, by Toshio Yodoi, 1976
We hiked (walked really, up a long series of steps) up to the summit of this inactive volcano crater, which had erupted 3000 years ago and still emits sulfur steam - ya, it smelled terrible!

Once at the summit, with any luck you have a great view of Fuji-san.  Ours was somewhat obscured by clouds; we saw it but you'll have to take my word for it that it's somewhere in the background of this photo!

And for 500 yen you can purchase a steaming packet of eggs which have been hard boiled in the sulfured water.  The shells turn a beautiful matte black - reminded me of soapstone.

Legend has it that eating one of these eggs will add seven years to your life.

To me, that's time to make at least seven additional quilts:).