Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sashiko table runner finished!

I bought this length of vintage cotton indigo yukata lining at a flea market last year and have been slowing working on this sampler table runner for months, during and between monthly sashiko lessons at Blue and White.

Here is each design (I'm not sure why capturing the true indigo color is so tricky on my iphone):

Higaki - cypress

Seigaiha - blue ocean waves
Jyu-ji tsunagi - connected cross
Kasumi tsunai - spring mist/ clouds

tsu no kikko - tortoise shell variation

Idowaku - water well frame

fundou - scales/weights

Asanoha - hemp leaf, a protective symbol often used in children's clothing 

Nowake - the storm that comes in fall/winter; fall grasses such as Zebra plant 

I have it in mind for my dining room back in the states, but for now, it looks A-OK on our rented table here in Tokyo - in between sewing projects anyway!