Monday, March 4, 2013

two finishes

The ASIJ Gala Quilt was auctioned off for an impressive sum this past weekend.

For the history behind this striking quilt, see this post at Tokyo Jinja, one of the three masterminds behind this beauty.  Julie F of My Quilt Diary designed these playful, elegant carp and she blogged about it here.  I especially enjoyed helping to hand quilt it.  Yay team!

Another finish:  Today was my last day assisting with the English department of Fukagawa High School.  I can't believe I neglected to take photos today!  Maybe it was because today was the last in a series of high-pressure oral conversation assessments, run with a strict eye to the stopwatch.  I have really enjoyed this little part-time job.  But I have not so much enjoyed the commute:

So I have mixed feelings about the job coming to an end.  I will however definitely miss this particular corner near the school:

And how's this for a potential finish?  (I don't think I could or would!)

I'm pretty sure Idaho had nothing to do with this burger!  Any readers out there from Idaho?  Gotta love MacDonalds in Japan!