Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family, friends, 911 Memorial, blossoms

I just got back from a trip home to America last night - a wonderful week with my daughters in NYC...

and then a few precious days with my Grandma Mary Lou in Denver - at 91 years old, still the best cook I know!  My photos from Denver didn't make it into the "cloud" and I can't access them now - sometimes technology disappoints - or rather my lack of tech-savvy disappoints!

Nevertheless now I'm back at my computer and can blog a little!

One morning Miss N and I met our good friends from Boston at the 911 Memorial site.  It was so moving to see its progress,  especially in light of what was going on in our beloved Boston that same week.   I was so happy to be in New York with my girls, but our hearts were heavy thinking of friends back home in Massachusetts.

Even amidst the construction sights and sounds all around, the feeling was peaceful and respectful at the footprint:

 One of the new towers:

We loved the reflective quality of the new buildings...

Most of the trees weren't yet in bloom... 

But this one was.  It's the "survivor tree" - the only tree at the World Trade Center to have survived the attacks - a powerful symbol.

If it is possible to love Boston and New York City in equal measure, we sure do!  I was actually moved to tears hearing how the New York Yankees joined in singing "Sweet Caroline" to show solidarity with Boston.

On a more lighthearted note, while in NYC, I also met up with fellow blogger (and fellow expat - only she's an English woman living in NYC!)  ChrissieD.  What fun we had meeting up in person at the City Quilter, and then having lunch at a nearby pub, Stout.

Chrissie recommended the fish and chips and I figured she would certainly know!  Any shyness we might have felt melted and we chatted away endlessly!

The great thing now is that I can "hear" Chrissie's voice when I read her blog!  She blogged about our visit here - where you can also see the cute "New York City" themed needle book Chrissie made for me.

Later in the week while my girls were at work/school, Chrissie and I took the train to the Brooklyn Museum to see an absolutely wonderful quilt exhibit called "Workt by Hand:  Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts".  I had really been looking forward to this exhibit and was thrilled that Chrissie could join me.  I always enjoy viewing a show or exhibit with another quilter along.

More blossoms outside the museum:

Stay tuned for some photos from the exhibit - coming up real soon, I promise!