Saturday, April 13, 2013

Little sashiko sampler class

I've been teaching a little beginners' sashiko class for some ladies at my church - just a couple of sessions to get people started.

It was fun to make up the kits, although it was more complicated and tedious than I'd imagined.  One issue was finding appropriate fabric.  I'm not 100% satisfied with what I found, but it works.  It is indigo-ish, and costs 2000 yen per meter, is loosely woven and of high quality.

I included some paper templates of various patterns, some "chaco paper" for tracing (use it with a tracing pen or regular ball point pen, topping the pattern first with a sheet protector or plastic), needle and sashiko thread, etc.

I made a few samples, just randomly to show the patterns...

Left unlined for now so that I could show the knotted backs:

And how you keep the thread very loose as you travel on the back:

The idea for this type of layout, and most of the patterns, came from a book written by my sashiko sensei Kazuko Yoshiura.  I purchased it at Blue and White:

These little samplers can be used as little doily type cloths, or to line a basket, or could be cut into four blocks to piece within a quilt.  One gal is even going to frame hers!  My goal was just to introduce this craft to the group in an accessible way.  

I decided to line one of the samplers to give to my Grandma when I visit her next week. 

This kimono fabric I bought the other day is the perfect width for a lining: 

Mark a seam:


Pin, leaving a small opening:


 Clip the corners:


 Use a chopstick or something to gently define the corners:

Topstitch right at the edge, and voila!