Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunshine at Kawagoe

Every month on the 28th there's a Shrine Sale (flea market) at Narita-san Jinja in Kawagoe, about an hour's train ride from Tokyo.

I've been several times before but I've never been "in charge" of getting a group there until this day.  And.... we somehow took the wrong train (right track, right time, wrong train?!), and chatted away obliviously as we traveled an hour out of our way!  Doh!  I was so embarrassed.   Everyone was very understanding, and somehow (thanks to Carina, who speaks Japanese fluently) we made it there no worse for the wear.... and taxied to the shrine.

This time I was on the lookout for anything bearing this kamon (family crest), which is the one adopted by my husband's ancestors many years ago.  

I struck out.... but was drawn as usual to the the vendors selling indigo dyed cottons, and picked up a few pieces.

Have I done anything yet with all the vintage indigo I've collected here?  Um, no.  I think I'm terrified to cut into it!  

And fun to see some sashiko.  I like this minimal, practical stitching on some woven plaids:

These tiny wooden kokeshi dolls were selling for 300-500 yen ($5 or so) - really adorable.

At our rendevous point at the shrine steps, we struck up a little conversation with this gentleman and his grandchildren.

 He will be 100 years old in June!

He seemed so happy, so genki, his demeanor matching the beautiful sunny day!