Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kodomo No Hi, and prayer flags for Boston

Today is Kodomo No Hi (Children's Day) here in Japan - Queenie blogged about it here.  And I posted about it here on the blog I kept last year for my elementary school (where I taught fourth grade before coming to Japan).

I was thinking today about those bright carp flags flying in the wind, and the message they send to our young people - "you are courageous, you are strong!"

Which made me think of another kind of flag display in the works which will also surely send a positive message:

The details are posted here.  I admire this project because it is an expression of caring that does not require an action or response of any kind from those who have suffered and are suffering still.

Also, I came across this blog and just love the spirit of it:

The Prayer Flag Project 

With just five more weeks to go here in Japan before I return to Massachusetts, my thoughts and heart are in both places....