Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Simple baby quilt with tenugui backing

Miss K is visiting from NYC - yay! - and one of the great joys in having her here has been sewing together.  We whipped up a simple baby quilt for a friend whose baby shower/ sayonara party is this week.

Easy to cut 80 5-inch squares from 30's repros: 

blue solids, and tenugui fabrics: 

Chain piecing made quick work of the top, with K piecing most of it.  

For the backing we used four lengths of tenugui fabric (found the other day at the country yukata fabric factory).  The material is sheet-thin and I wonder about its durability... but it is sure soft.  Julie Fukuda uses tenugui extensively and has written in detail about "The Art of Japanese Tenugui" here.  

Wavy free motion quilting, corner to corner - so fast and fun - I really appreciate machine quilting when it comes to making baby quilts, and machine quilting means the quilts are so durable, washable, can take a lot of hard use and don't need to be treated as precious objects.

The binding contains a subtle detail - the asanoha (hemp leaf) pattern, which in terms of traditional sashiko, is a protective symbol historically used for children's items.

asanoha (hemp leaf) sashiko pattern

I blogged about another simple baby quilt here:  http://aquilterbynight.blogspot.com/2012/10/sweet-4-patch-baby-quilt.html