Sunday, September 15, 2013

Catching up

I realize it's been a month since I last posted, and I owe Part 3 from the Lowell Quilt Festival... coming soon.... but in the past month our world was rocked.   Just as we were making preparations for Grandma Mary Lou to come live with us in October, she passed away, after less than a day in the hospital.  Still, such a shock.
1992, me with Grandma ML and the Sunbonnet Sue she made for Noelle 
Grandma really lived right up until she died - made a peach pie two days before and told me all about it.  She was nearly 92 years old.  The service for her was truly a celebration of a wonderful life well lived - a life full of people, music, food, quilting, laughs, love, and service.

Making a flannel baby blanket with Grandma, 1992
I was her only grand daughter and she never let me forget it - we had a special relationship and I will miss her dearly.  She was my first and best quilt teacher, and more importantly, taught me many life lessons through example... and sometimes lecture:).

I can hardly believe I can't call her on the phone anymore.  I had really been looking forward to pampering her in her last years, but God had other plans.  It was a blessing that she could pass away in Denver and never have to make the daunting cross country move to Massachusetts.  I know it is best this way, but I will miss her so dearly.

brother David, me, cousin Dana at Grandma's. 
I am now back home from Denver... craving control over our chaotic house... waiting for our sea shipment to arrive from Japan... scrambling to paint some rooms and de-clutter like crazy.

I feel pretty exhausted physically and emotionally by quite a rough summer, but... I have witnessed God's merciful hand in my life and am so grateful for wonderful friends and family.
Catalpa trees planted years ago by Grandma 
I started this blog to in the first place to share my quilting adventures with Grandma (especially while we were living in Japan)... and I need to decide whether I will continue with it!  I think I will... I'd like to.

Next up.... the promised third installment from the Lowell Quilt Festival!