Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sashiko sampler on gray

    Finally finished this sashiko sampler:

I just don't know what to actually do with it!  Make it into a pillow? Use as a medallion center for a quilt?  Cut out the squares and use within a quilt?  Not sure.  If it becomes a UFO tacked to my sewing room wall, I'm fine with that!

 I had started it as something to have around for handwork while I was without my machine this summer (yes, I know, we are in the middle of November now!).

shippo (seven treasures) - a very traditional sashiko design. 
I used a cotton/linen blend fabric, just wonderful to work with, and hand-dyed thread I purchased at Blue and White in Azabu-Juban.
sakura (cherry blossom) - the transience of nature/life/beauty

fundo (linked counter weights) 

Sashiko was one of my best windows into Japanese culture while I was living in Tokyo.  I still love it and am happily back in the swing of stitching.
tortoiseshell (long life) 

I'm starting to get a handle on my house, and have found it so relaxing to pick up some hand work in the evenings.
ume (plum blossom)  - beauty and hope  - it blooms even in winter, as a harbinger of spring 
Here's the back... in case you are curious! Knots everywhere, which is OK in sashiko, really:).

And in the upper right hand corner you can see how I let the thread loosely travel on the back - for this design:

arrow feathers - the strength and courage of a warrior 
With sashiko, it's best to keep things loose... and nothing needs to be too perfect or precise... a philosophy I quite like!


Catherine said...


Nifty Quilts said...

All of these designs--and your stitches--are so beautiful. What a lovely momento of your time in Japan.

Blue Moth said...

I would want to see this every day. Stretch it around a canvas and put it on your wall. It's lovely!

Julie Fukuda said...

If you have room on your wall, that is where it should live so you can enjoy it. Today I spent a wonderful day at the Yokohama Quilt Show with Queenie, and your name came up as we both thought of you.

Queeniepatch said...

Julie is right; we missed you at the Yokohama show. There were so many things to see and you would have loved it.
You have, however, your own little Japanese world right there on the wall. Your sashiko stitches are so neat and even, and I like the stitched edge for each design.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Nice Job, you inspire to finish my own project! said...

Really lovely!

meli B said...

Looks lovely. After all that work it deserves to be made into a pillow or even framed with an indigo border.

Francine said...

Wow, it looks really amazing. I thing it would make a fabulous wall-hanging or pillow. :)

Lin said...

It's beautiful Cynthia - wouldn't a traditional door hanging be appropriate for it? xx