Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sewing room bliss

We have just been basking in the beauty in our front yard... and putting off raking leaves for now.  First the sugar maples... 

Now the Japanese maple, which I can see from my kitchen window... 

It has taken me 'til now to feel adjusted and truly happy to be back in the U.S.  I hadn't anticipated how hard it would be to readjust after (just) two years in Japan!  But now I can truly say, I am content and happy to be home.  We are slowly refreshing the interior of our house with new paint, lots of decluttering, incorporating some of our treasures from Japan, etc. 

One highlight is my sewing room - thanks to the removal of maroon wallpaper, the addition of  yellow and white paint, two trips to Ikea, and some creative repurposing of furniture!

Desk with a window facing our front yard - so cozy:

Space for quilting books and the Japanese fish baskets I collected - they hold fabric and UFO's: 

Spot for machine quilting, and a dresser filled with sewing and office supplies: 

My eyes fill with tears now and then, when I realize I can't call up Grandma Mary Lou and "talk quilts" or talk food and cooking.  I can hardly believe it.  I have her old fabulous machine set up in my sewing room now.  She took such great care of it and it's a great, solid, smooth machine.  I will now have the luxury of having this second machine to dedicate to piecing, and the honor of being the next steward of this Bernina 830!  

Next to that machine is my ironing board, which is strategically placed over a rather weak spot in the 200+ year old floorboards underfoot.  Behind the ironing board you might catch a glimpse of "Fiona" and "Zoe" - story dolls Mary Lou made my girls when they were toddlers: 

And I found this ladder - a section of an old apple picking ladder, found in a barn that was cleaned out in a nearby town - for a song at Upton House Antiques, one of my favorite local haunts.  

Bottom rung - the quilt my Great-grandma "Two" made me when I was in kindergarten
Middle rung - the butterfly quilt Grandma Mary Lou appliqued and hand quilted for me when I was in elementary school 
Top rung - my first quilt - a hand pieced and quilted nine-patch for my first daughter, completed in 1992.
There you have it - a quick tour of my office/sewing room.  This is what happens when two out of three children leave the nest:).  Bedrooms get shuffled, and Mom's sewing room gets moved from the attic to pretty much the best room in the house:).