Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sashiko sampler beginnings...

As much as I love my sewing machine(s), these days I really enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of handwork - so relaxing and satisfying.   

Mitsu ume (three plum blossoms)

One day last week I found myself spending hours and hours in an airport...
Tomoe ume (comma-style plum blossom)

... glad that I had prepared some Sashiko handwork!

tsuki ni kumo (moon) 
These designs are from Susan Briscoe's excellent book Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match.

yukimochi sasa (bamboo with snowflake)
Plum and Bamboo are two of the "three friends of winter" - strong and robust like Pine.

I stitched these sashiko designs on 10" squares of indigo, which I will trim down to make 9" finished quilt squares eventually... perhaps for a sampler.

What about you?  Which do you prefer this winter (or summer!) - handwork or machine work?