Sunday, September 14, 2014

Small world

This is the simple block I made over the summer to send to Tokyo for the 2015 NHK Partnership Quilt project.

The theme this year is kawaii ("sweet") and because Kaela and Joe had just gotten married, I had PINK and WEDDING CAKE in my mind!

I used scraps from the first "little girl" quilt I made Kaela long ago; and white silk leftover from my own wedding dress.

Volunteers in Japan will create bed quilts from all the many donated blocks, and those quilts will be displayed and raffled off at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival in January 2015.  Thanks to "Queenie" at Queenie's Needlework for the push!

And speaking of the newlyweds,

Kaela and Joe recently got a little puppy and they (yes, they!) wanted to make him a pillow and little blanket for his crate.  I did not know this until Kaela texted me from The City Quilter.  I texted her back saying "Ask for Chris from England and say hi from me - we are blogging buddies!"  Wouldn't you know, Chris (Made By Chrissie D) was already the one helping them.  I think we all got a good "it's such a small world!" laugh.   Further proof that quilters are the friendliest people on the planet!

Kaela said when she walked into the shop, it brought back memories of us shopping there, and of years of her tagging along to quilt shops with me, and with Grandma Mary Lou.   She said it was a nice calming feeling.   Music to a quilting mother's ears.

This made me reach for Kaela's first ever patchwork project -  she made it for her little dollie "Squeaky Baby" :

I love the way social media can link us up and connect us through time and space.  But it is precious indeed when one quilting blogger helps another's daughter in real time and real life.  Thanks, ChrissieD!