Monday, September 15, 2014

this and that

Meanwhile back on the ranch, I've just been sewing away on Kaela and Joe's wedding quilt, Steps to the Altar:

I'm working on the appliqued trees for the Flags of the American Revolution quilt-along organized by Lori of Humble Quilts.

I tacked up the center medallion on my sewing room wall.  I can see it across the hall from my bedroom.

From this far away, and especially in dim light, I see that I don't have nearly enough contrast between eagle and background.

But I do not want to re-stitch this block.  I have my heart set on using a lot of this blue throughout.

I may do some off-white sashiko stitching around the perimeter of the Eagle, once the quilt is sandwiched.  Any other ideas??

Here's Daisy ... a big part of my days, and reluctant to pose for a photo...

Molly is a patient old gal:

The nights are chilly now, and the mums are everywhere, another sure sign of fall: