Saturday, October 18, 2014

seeing yellows and reds

We are in full autumn leaves mode here - I just love this time of year.

Our front yard is at its best during these weeks.

Raking can wait...

In the past two weeks I've started a part time job, and hosted a gathering with family from Ireland, Ohio, Washington State, North Carolina, and New York!  Three generations, sharing memories of Grandma Mary Lou... and lots of great food!

Here's how the teenager of the house sleeps when the house is filled to the brim with company:

I have to admit after such a busy time, I am relishing a quiet Saturday.  Today I took myself to a quilt show organized by the Women's Alliance of our local Unitarian Church:

The quilts were draped over the pews - white gloves for those of us who wanted to touch and turn the quilts.

I put in my Kimono Friendship Quilt from our time in Japan:

The show coincides with our town's 300th year anniversary. 


I love the really big red center squares on this log cabin: 

And check out this stunner, in my mind the "best in show": 

And of course I was drawn to these beautiful quilts by Miho Takeuchi (Studio Aika):

I was so happy to meet Miho and talk "sashiko" for a few minutes!  I had found her website a couple of years ago while I was learning sashiko in Japan.  What a small quilting world.

It was fun to weave in and out of the pews and see quilts of all kinds.

I didn't have a title for this post but after skimming back through it, I see yellow leaves, and then lots of RED in many of the quilts I was drawn to today!

Hope all my quilting friends out in blogland are having a good good weekend!