Monday, November 10, 2014

A Quilter's Gathering

My first time to attend this show - held yearly in NH by the East Coast Quilters Alliance, featuring lots of beautiful quilts on display, raffle quilts, vendors.

I didn't take many photos - But here are a few!

Midnight Glow by Germaine Wong of Wellesley, MA:
 I sure wish I'd taken more shots of this one so you could see the effect.  It is gorgeous, moving.

 Fraktur by Dianne Woodruff, of Manchester NH:

Triangle Star by Mary L. Sheehan, of West Roxbury, MA:

In a show with so much machine quilting featured, the hand quilting on certain quilts really caught my eye.  I appreciate hand quilting more and more.

Once Upon a Time by Audrey Germer, of Brewster, MA:

 Oh, my goodness, do I love this quilt.  It is both formal and whimsical, if that is possible!

The Compass Quilt, by Kathleen McLaughlin, Noank, CT:

This might have been my favorite in the whole room.   I love the fabric combinations in this quilt, and the absolutely beautiful workmanship.

Funky Garden in Red by Janet H Elia, of Taunton, MA:
 I like the use of this gorgeous red as a neutral.

There you have it, just a few!  A nice couple of hours on my day off from work, a chance to see a few buddies from the Chelmsford Quilt Guild, sell a few raffle tickets, visit some vendors, etc.  I bought some of those Hiroshima needles people have been raving about.  Two years in Japan and I finally hear about them here in MA!  Go figure!